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ALLVIEW Mirror System (AMS)


Standard Rearview Mirrors Shut Down the Driver's Full Driving Awareness
In Standard Rearview Mirrors, the plane mirror provides correct distance perception, but cannot meet the driver’s field of view requirements, whereas the convex mirror achieves greater field of view, but cannot give precise distance perception. Blind spots left by the plane mirror and visual distortion created by the convex mirror have become permanent vision impairments to drivers since Standard Rearview Mirrors were promulgated in 1967, which shuts down the gateway to providing full awareness of your driving environment.

ALLVIEW™ Mirror System (AMS™) Creates the Driver's Full Driving Awareness
AMS™ comprising the patented seamless full rear traffic view display, the ALLVIEW™ Mirror and patented automatic and natural safety indicator, the ALLVIEW Windows Program™ (AWP™) helps eliminate blind spots left by the plane mirror and offsets visual distortion created by the convex mirror to provide constant full awareness of your driving environment allowing you to see dangers properly and timely from one quick glance without turning your head, ensuring safe and accurate driving maneuvers without guesswork and overall helps prevent car accidents:

How AMS™ Helps Effectively Eliminate the Plane Mirror Blind Spots
The patented ALLVIEW™ Mirror is a proprietary seamless one-piece full rear traffic view auto safety rearview mirror design, which enables you to see all lanes of complete and uninterrupted rear roadway traffic without turning your head. With its sharp and clear seamless live traffic picture, drivers viewing through the ALLVIEW™ Mirror experience no difference when compared to viewing with the naked eye.

How AMS™ Helps Correctly Offset the Convex Mirror Distortion
The patented AWP™ distortion-offset technology correctly shows you when and where it is safe to change lanes, merge and exit freeways, join traffic-flow, start road-departures and how to complete such maneuvers safely, timely and accurately without turning your head and guesswork, regardless of the image size, closing distance and traveling speed of rear approaching vehicles reflected in the ALLVIEW™ Mirror.

The Complete Driving Vision Solution:
The seamless ALLVIEW™ Mirror full view feature with the ALLVIEW Windows Program™
form AMS™ to create a complete driving vision solution for drivers.

Three AMS™ Models to Choose From for Vehicle Compatibility:
AMS™ Model 1750 with standard windshield mounting kit. (17-1/2" X 2")
Smart-Clip™ ALLVIEW™ Mirror with clip-on design for interior mirror. (15-1/2" X 2-1/4")
Racers ALLVIEW™ Mirror with adjustable mountings design for roll bar. (17-1/2" X 2")

Gone forever are:
Blind Spots • Visual Distortion • Guesswork • Visual Misjudgments • Peripheral Vision Impairments • Rearview Mirrors Glance Duration • Difficulty With Correlating Multiple Images • Head Turns That Take Your Eyes Off Of The Road • Disorientation • Getting Lost In Tunnel Vision • Night-Glare Received From Exterior Mirrors • Dewdrops, Raindrops, Snow, Ice And Dust Blurred Exterior Mirrors Produced By The Standard Rearview Mirrors And Blind Spot Mirrors That Stick-On To The Exterior Mirrors Alignment And Operation

  AMS™ is used by professionals including auto racers, police officers, municipal crews, driver rehabilitation centers and therapists, and individual drivers at all levels with confidence.

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"Reflecting on Safety" Fall 2000

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"Wide Load Mirror" January 2005

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